You Still Got It

Boomers...Broken down or Blissful?

ImageWhile we were at the park the other morning with Riley and Harley, I was thinking about how lucky I am.  Others have pointed that out to me throughout the years and I wondered why they would ever say that because I have had some really bad stuff happen in my life.  I’ve had some really dark moments as I’ve wandered through this tunnel they call life.  But then, haven’t we all?   A dear friend recently told his story of going to a shrink, beginning with the opening, “you won’t believe this story.   The shrink replied, “with all respect, there are really only five stories…the rest are variations on the theme.”   While we all like to think we are unique and individual ~ and, to a certain extent, we are ~ the themes of what we all experience are similar.  Abandonment, grief, loss, love, happiness.  There are more, I’m sure…

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