You Take Home With You Wherever You Go

Happy Father’s Day to all the great father’s!

Boomers...Broken down or Blissful?

ImageBefore the Boomer blog I had one called “Life After Locust Valley.”  It was mostly truth with a little fiction thrown in for spice.  Then I got to a point where I couldn’t fictionalize certain things and the truth was a bit too real, albeit thirty years old, so I stopped writing.  The Boomer blog came about when one of my neighbors from The Knolls “found me,” through my e-mail address and flooded my present with past memories.  Our cul-de-sac contained fifteen or so homes and was built in 1960.  The land had been part of the Carver Estate on Ryefield Road. Image   In fact, the house next door to ours was the original carriage house, and both the house and barn remained next door to ours.  Image   Several houses were still under construction but others had already been sold and families like ours were living there when we moved…

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