Serendipity ~ due nella splendida Bellagio

Boomers...Broken down or Blissful?


Eating Italian food reminds me of a trip to Italy.  Jay is an amazing cook.  His sauce aka gravy is A plus.  Reminded me of a trip to Italy.  Now I’d love to share our time in Bellagio.  We’d taken the train from Florence to Venice ~ I’ll return back to Venice another time ~ and upon leaving, rented a car to drive to the lakes, eventually winding up back in Milan.  We had no reservations, no place to be and no one to see.   The Italian lakes are amazing ~ we started by visiting Sirmione on Lake Garda.   We found a small hotel near The Sirmione castle on Lake Garda.  Between the 13th and 14th centuries, the village of Sirmione was a border town situated between the land owned by the Della Scala dynasty of Verona and the property of the lords of Milan.  The Sirmione castle is the most significant example…

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