Oh, I Love that Magic Water…Boston, You’re My Home – Standelles, “Dirty Water”, circa 1966

Boomers...Broken down or Blissful?


Two Bunch Palms is a resort on the way to Palm Springs, in a small city called Desert Hot Springs, also known as the meth amphetamine capital of California.   I did not know this as I followed directions through a somewhat frightening stretch of desert.   The small resort had been around since the 1930’s and was reputed to be one of Al Capone’s hang-outs.  What interested me more was the reputed “magic water” in the natural mineral spa.

Having grown up surrounded by the luxurious greenery that is the East Coast, the desert has always seemed a bit stark.  The approach to Two Bunch was definitely stark…and scary.  There was a guard gate where they made sure you were on the list and approved to enter.   We checked in, found our oddly appointed room comfortable and headed for that water.  I sat under the hot waterfall and floated around on…

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Wherever You Go…There You Are

It’s Fall… 2014…I could say “how did that happen?” but as the days jettison into weeks and months we all know the answer.  It just does.  Cliches are true ~ time flies.  Yes, it does.  But there is magic in memories, both past and present.   Another cliche…life is a roller coaster.  Yes, it is.   The seemingly endless climbs, the sense of exhilaration as you sit poised at the top, knowing in the blink of an eye the bottom will drop out of your stomach as you race on your way to yet another climb.  Some days the ride is better than others.  That’s for sure.  But every day you wake up is the present.   A present…a gift to be savored or squandered. Our choice.

During my lifetime, I’ve spent far too much time worrying about things that never happened.  And then been smacked in the face with things I never considered.  So, today the moral of my story is  “what me, worry?” Worrying has done me no good whatsoever.  I choose to savor the sweet as it happens. bundt cake  I’ve been blessed with many great experiences and great people in my life along my journey.

I’ve lived in amazingly wonderful places.  A childhood spent among idyllic beauty.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Shu Swamp   LV Fire Department


I’ve experienced salt water in abundance, deeply breathing negative ions before I ever knew how much I needed them. stehli sign    more shu swamp

After many years in Los Angeles, in 2006 my husband and I moved to Seattle.  We’d never been to Seattle.  Seattle is beautiful.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Seattle is green.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I planted a backyard garden.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It rains a lot in Seattle but it doesn’t snow in Seattle. Until the winter we arrived. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are wind storms in Seattle and trees fall on your house. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Twice. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  And the electricity goes out for six days.  In December.  On the sixth day I cried when I saw the light was on in the dryer.  Jay said he’d never seen me so excited about an appliance.  But then Spring comes along and those bulbs I planted in the fall actually bloom.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    There is stunning sunshine.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And the Blue Angels flew over our house.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   We visited Victoria.  Butchart-Gardens-Victoria-Canada   Victoria.carriage

We spent countless hours at the Public Market.public market   Although I must be honest, I still don’t get the fish throwers.  Stock-Fish-Throw  But I will say fresh sockeye salmon was like no other.  And then…things changed.  More about that another time.  But there were worries…some sleepless nights…and then another new chapter.   The time I spent worrying was wasted.  It accomplished absolutely nothing.  Did I then learn the lesson of living in the present?  Of course not!  I am nothing if not a work in progress.  The only ~ and I mean only ~ thing I would change about this chapter is to take back the time I spent worrying.  It was a great adventure!  Seeing and doing things I’d never imagine I’d experience.  It was wonderful!!

But this is today…a ride in the car with dogs who won’t let us leave without them.   Ride with Mom   A walk along the Pacific  Beach office

Oh, and something we never did in Seattle.  A visit to Costco.  Hot dog   Lunch for two ~ $3.24 …. don’t judge!   Perhaps not the most memorable day ever.  But pretty darn wonderful!

Enjoy the day!  Remember, it’s a gift!