Throwback Thursday

ImageIs Throw Back Thursday a Facebook creation?  All I know is that about two months ago there were pictures on my feed…great pictures, posted “Throwback Thursday,” or “tbt” which completely confused me.   So when I went through my box of “stuff” and found great pictures from my past I started participating.  Mr. Zuckerberg then took us each down memory lane with our “videos.”  First, I believe the music they chose was perfect for compressing ten years into 1.02.  Most of my friends joined about the same time I did and I looked at Facebook as an interesting diversion.  Then I kept finding more and more people from my past.  Some had been close way back then, but we’d lost touch.  Some hadn’t been very close but soon became closer through this new virtual connection. Those of us from our home town environs on the North Shore of Long Island bonded over that idyllic youth we shared  and reminisce over it wonderfully and often.  Others who tempted me into the political arena during the Presidential election became annoying…or maybe that was me? 

Facebook became a way to stay in touch, but more important to keep up with the happenings of friends’ lives in an amazing way.  I know when you’re trapped in the snow.  I know when you’re having a tough time, how smart was Mr. Z to include “private messaging.”  I love when you are sarcastic and so dark with your humor I laugh til I cry.   Speaking of which, back to the video.  Mine made me cry.  Every single one of yours made me cry.  Jay, who is not a Facebook devotee, hadn’t posted enough to have a video, and I sensed a hint of disappointment upon this realization. 

And now today is Thursday.  I stored all my found photos in a Throwback Thursday file.  I was amazed at the random pictures I’d collected, not stored in albums but carted around with me throughout the years.  Even more amazing were the collective memories I’ve loved sharing with people I am still friends with.  That we’re able to talk about it in just about real time, on Facebook.  Without Facebook I’d be unable to share a photo and have my friend from all those years ago remember she took the picture. Image. I’d be unable to keep in touch with people I’ve known for so, so many years.  I know the details of their lives and I love that.   They post pictures of nature, families, snow, vacations, animals.  I notice funny quotes and videos appear at almost the exact same time from people I know don’t know one another.   A great inspirational, or beautiful, picture makes my day.  Some of you really do make me laugh out loud.  I love your humor, the way you laugh at yourselves and make me giggle when you share what’s happening.           

Then there are the people on Facebook who aren’t really my friends…except they are.  People I’ve met through common experiences, common goals, and common causes.  One of them recently shared a Facebook plea … “don’t friend people you don’t actually know in person.”  That seemed confusing because some of the greatest people I’ve met, especially in the last couple of years, are people I don’t know in person.  Yet our bonds run deep. Image  I care about them deeply.  Facebook doesn’t get to be the boss of who I “friend.”   So there.

There are those who share their deepest personal issues and thoughts about them publicly. Some things are not meant for the internet ether and when they pop up on my wall ~ usually early in the morning ~ I wonder “you really thought sharing this made sense?”  But I guess late last night it did.  There are people whose cryptic posts beg the question, “what is going on?” or “are you alright?”   I wonder why they didn’t just spell it out and break the suspense if they so obviously want us to know what’s happening, just tell us.   I guess they just want us to ask.  My first look at Facebook is usually before I’m fully caffeinated so maybe that’s why I’m so cranky.   I’m sure there are many who find the pictures of my dogs incredibly annoying, although I can’t possibly imagine why.   

 Jerry Seinfeld was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night.  His routine was on phones, the internet, texting and its’ eliminating the need for us to talk to one another.  In some cases I agree it’s probably not the way to go, especially when I people sitting in a restaurant together busy on their cell phones rather than talking to one another.   I also wonder about the future of our youth.  Image  Will they even know how to interact in person?

As an extroverted introvert, ImageI like people in small doses and now that I have a choice about my method of interaction, I find many did not make the short list as I use the phone less and less.  But my phone rings less these days, too, so I guess I didn’t make their short lists either.  I still care about them… a lot.  I just don’t need to actually talk on the phone that often, because I know what’s happening with you.  My not talking on the phone a lot is really crazy cause I used to get into nothing but trouble when I was a kid for talking on the phone too much.  It was always the go to punishment.  We’re taking that turquoise princess phone out of your room.  But when I do actually call someone these days we usually talk for a long time, so I know I still have the phone-a-holic gene, out of practice though it may be.    Image    

When cell phone, pagers, fax machines and e-mail were new I resisted.  I said “I’m not that important that people know how to find me 24/7.”  Truth be told I didn’t want to be found 24/7.   Now, with Facebook, I do.  It’s interesting though because I get to check in on my terms.  And respond on my terms.  Hmmmmm….control much?   Yet I agree with Jerry Seinfeld when he said, “We don’t have to work as hard when we don’t talk to one another.  No facial expressions, no hand movements.  It’s just easier.”   Maybe that’s the truth…maybe not.    Maybe there are more extroverted introverts in the world these days who enjoy texting, reading and writing better than talking.   Although my husband still says I talk more than anyone he knows.  Maybe it’s all the words I’ve saved up by not talking on the phone as much as I used to…maybe not.  

I still sound cranky and I’ve had two cups of coffee so I will step away from the computer and re-read before I post this ~ with love ~ on Throwback Thursday. 

 And then I’ll call somebody.   Image 

PS  Candy Crush is going public with a stock offering …I will sponsor the first rehab group… on-line, of course.  #KingMedia #ohnoistweetingnext?