What Goes Around Comes Around…Eventually

So, you all had to listen ~ well, read ~ about our move to San Diego a few months ago.  I think I’ve finally recovered and the garage does have room for at least one car now.  It also contains the beautiful dining room set we bought in Seattle and have had dinner at exactly two times.   Kathleen Fitzgibbons, my childhood next door neighbor commented that it looked  a whole lot like the ones we’d all sat around for holiday meals on The Knolls.  The dining room chair of my childhood is in the first picture, during one of the infamous slumber parties we all remember.  The one below is one of six sitting in my garage, but that’s a whole other story.  The fact that they are almost identical was  Image  subconscious, perhaps, but there nonetheless.Image

It made me think about things going full circle.  I had time to think as I decided to finally go through a box I’d schlepped from pillar to post but hadn’t looked at since 2006.  It contained lots of “stuff.”  Pictures, notes, more pictures, cards, letters, more pictures.  Many memories.  I whittled the box down to three large envelopes and found a few treasures along the way.  I put a very large pile together to toss.  I held onto the pile for a week and went through it again.  Things I thought I’d care about forever were disposed of.  Things I didn’t even know I had remained.  One of those that remained was a note I received from a contestant on “Name That Tune.”  In an earlier blog post I mentioned my first date with my ex-husband occurred following a taping of that show.Image  The lovely contestant who named the tune, “Some Day My Prince Will Come” kindly remembered me and sent the note via the contestant coordinator of the show.  She’d dated it so I knew the timing was right.   I felt like I was reading it for the first time and was astounded when I read a sentence describing her appearance.  “It’s bringing so much happiness to others and it’s the biggest thing that’s hit Novato in a long time.”  I’m certain, in 1977 I had absolutely no idea where Novato was.  In fact, until Jay and I moved there thirty years later, in 2007, I had no idea it was the sweet little city at the edge of Marin County in Northern California.  Now what are the odds of that one?

I haven’t gone to the blog in a few weeks.  I’ve been trying to be “bold.”  The nails aren’t wild and crazy ~ a bit more orange than red ~ but I am due for a manicure. Image

Instead of bold, what I’ve actually been is “peaceful.”  Where we’re living isn’t nearly as crowded as where we’ve lived.  My patience, or rather my lack thereof, is sorely tested in crowds.  I’ll take peaceful, with gratitude, and enjoy meeting penguins and petting dolphins. Image

Yet, sad things have been happening around me. Not close-close, but rather peripherally, and as I extend condolences I remember the times when I was locked in the sadness of my losses with twinges rather than with mind-numbing grief.  While discussing loss just today, a dear friend mentioned the “trails of junk” so many leave behind, both literally and emotionally.   So sad and so true.  I decided that since I had started this post about things going full circle I would end with that same thought.

So, just as I went through the box of tangible stuff I had been carting around for years, I will consider the trail of junk I have accumulated emotionally, sort through it, repair or toss.

Right after I get my nails done!


Smile, stay safe and hug someone you love today!